Artist's Journal

We're going to clear up 5 misconceptions about china painting today.
Learning to paint roses can be challenging in acrylics, oils, watercolor.  Basically any medium. I have to admit, I'm obsessed with painting them and hope you enjoy these quick videos I did which show how I paint roses on porcelain.
I'm so excited to see a turn away from our digital world and a return to taking the time to create something by hand.  Let's face it china painting is labor intensive and time consuming.  In a world of instant gratification, many people simply don't have the patience for it. Well until now, where it seems patience and doing things the old way are very trendy.
I don't make these claims lightly. Believe me, I love painting porcelain and I wish the above wasn't true. I began painting porcelain in 2008 and immediately hit a brick wall when I tried to find someone to teach me.  There was no one

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