Porcelain Painting Tools & Supplies I Swear By

A list of my favorites and the most effective tools and supplies I use for china painting. 

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Black Stabilo All Pencils - These are the best pencils I have found for marking/sketching on porcelain. They write smoothly and the marks have always fired out for me.


Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank - No matter what kind of painting you do this will gently clean all of your brushes thoroughly. Just fill it with turpenoid natural for porcelain painting or water if you paint in acrylics and work the paint out of the brush on the smooth metal coil. I love this thing!



Red Saral Transfer Paper - If you need to transfer a pattern or design onto your porcelain, this is the only paper I recommend. It is wax free and made for use on ceramics. It will fire out and not interfere with your painting.



Kemper Wipe Out Tool - This is the best wipe out tool I have used. It is stiff and easy to control for very precise paint wipe outs. It also does not degrade from use with the oils and solvents that are used in porcelain painting. It will last you for years.



General's Kneaded Eraser - This is a little wonder tool right here. Break a piece off and form it into a point with your fingers, to remove lint or hair from your painting before firing. It is also handy for picking up small beads or jewels that you are trying to set on your porcelain.





Turpenoid Natural - This is the best solvent to clean your brushes that I have found. It is non-toxic, doesn't have a chemical smell, is not flammable, and works fantastic. It cleans and conditions your brushes to help preserve them. Made from organic materials it is safe and effective. This is what I fill my silicoil tank with.



Masterson Palette Seal/Box - This is perfect to hold your sheet of glass or a large tile where you keep your paints to keep them dust free. It will hold up to a 16" by 12" tile or glass. I like the 16 by 12 glass palettes for inside of this.


Purchase Masterson Palette Box 16 x 12


New Wave Posh Glass Palette 16" by 12" - These fit nicely inside of the palette box above. They come in clear, white, or gray.  I like the clear so that you can put a sheet of paper with the names of the colors under it.



Menda Pure Touch Frosted Glass Bottles - I keep my denatured alcohol in this 6 ounce bottle. It keeps it handy for cleaning china and other items. You just flip up the cap and press down on the disc and it dispenses a small amount. It keeps it from evaporating too quickly as well. This is a set of two. I love the frosted pink glass too, so bonus!!!




Kimtech Critical Task Wipes 06179 - This is my desert island item.  Seriously, these are the best ever cloths for use while painting porcelain. They have no lint and are soft. 9" by 9" and this is a pack of 500 so they will last a long time. I use them to blot my brushes, clean my china, clean my palettes, and my eye glasses. These and a little denatured alcohol gets the job done right. Before I found these, I struggled big time with lint in my paints and paintings. They are a total game changer.




Heavy Mineral Oil - This is what you mix you china paint (powder form) with to paint consistency.  I DO NOT recommend baby oil for porcelain painting, it will run like cheap stockings in the kiln. This is what I use, it is 99.9% pure, odorless, pharmacy grade, and I've never had a problem.




Denatured Alcohol - I use this to clean my china (along with the kimtech wipes) to wipe off my tiles and palettes.  It cuts and cleans the sticky oils we use for porcelain painting. It also removes the stickers from china and will clean luster from your brushes.  I DO NOT recommend rubbing alcohol it has impurities in it that can cause problems with your paints, gold, and lusters.  Denatured is pure, just don't drink it and use it in a well ventilated area. You can also use 99% isopropyl see below.





12 Drawer Small Parts Organizer - I love this to hold my vials of china paint. I have two of them stacked on my desk. Love the bright pink too!




Beacon 527 Glue - Great glue for porcelain. Dries clear, waterproof, and strong.  I use it for pieces that get glued after firing like magnets and jewelry.



Beacon 527 Adhesive - 2 oz, Tube


Zebra Titanium G Pen Nibs- The best nibs I have found for doing penwork on porcelain. They hold a lot of paint and create a fantastic fine line. They are stronger than the regular G nibs and are gold colored. 





Dip Pen Nib Holder for Zebra G- This is the only pen I use for doing penwork on porcelain.  It has a cap to protect your nib and is very comfortable to use.  Holds the above Zebra Comic G titanium nibs perfectly.



3M Vinyl Tape - The best tape I have used for banding and striping porcelain. It stretches so it's works great on curves and rounded objects. Stays put, but doesn't leave any residue when you remove it. Love this stuff! 



99% Isopropyl Alcohol - As a substitute for denatured alcohol to clean the china (along with the kimtech wipes) to wipe off tiles and palettes.  It cuts and cleans the sticky oils we use for porcelain painting. It also removes the stickers from china and will clean luster from your brushes. Make sure you are using 99% The other grades will leave impurities behind that can negatively effect your work.


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