Black China Paint Porcelain Overglaze Powder Kiln Fired

Generous 2 Dram vial of super smooth finest quality paint for china painters and porcelain artists. A rich black with a nice shine that is reliable and can be fired very hot. I have fired this paint to cone 014 with no problems. It works great at lower temps as well.

All of the china paints offered for sale on this site must be kiln fired to fuse the paint into the porcelain glaze. Mix with your preferred paint mixing medium to desired paint consistency.  Always wear a dust mask while mixing your loose china paint powder.

Ships USPS Priority Mail. Please keep in mind that several vials of paint and other supplies can ship together for the same price as one item. I only offer the supplies that I actually use as a porcelain artist. 

Notify me when this beauty is back in stock! I can paint a similar one for you!

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