China Painting Palette Core Colors Set of 9 Porcelain Paints

Full set of china paints for all porcelain painters from beginner to advanced. These 9 foundation colors make up a palette with tons of possibilities. You will receive a generous 2 dram vial of each; Dark Red, Yellow Red, Yellow Ochre, Mixing Yellow, Moss Green, Shading Green, Cerulean, Pink Violet of Iron, and Black.  The finest quality, these paints were chosen for their ease of use, mixability, smoothness, and beauty when fired. They can only be purchased as a set.

Often times beginner painters will start out with hand me down paints that might be decades old.  Some of those older paints can't handle a hot fire and can be very gritty making them much harder to work with.  All of the paints I sell are brand new, fresh, and clean. They are the same ones I use as a porcelain artist. Start out with great supplies and make it easier on yourself.

This set of 9 paints is also a part of The China Painters Supplies Boxed Set along with brushes and tools. Designed to save you from searching for what you need to get started or to refresh your china painting supplies.

All of the china paints offered for sale on this site must be kiln fired to fuse the paint into the porcelain glaze. Mix with your preferred paint mixing medium to desired paint consistency.  Always wear a dust mask while mixing your loose china paint powder.

Ships USPS Priority Mail. Please keep in mind that several vials of paint and other supplies can ship together for the same price as one item. I only offer the supplies that I actually use as a porcelain artist.  


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