Perfect Purple China Paint Overglaze Porcelain Violet Powder

Fabulous purple porcelain paint with a very high gold content. This is the best and easiest gold based purple color I have used. It is so nice to work with that I use it for one fire monochromatic paintings. Super smooth finest quality paint. I kiln fire Perfect Purple to cone 016 for a high shine bright violet. Generous 2 dram vial. This paint appears a little darker until fired in the kiln. When matured in the kiln it is bright purple that is warmer than royal violet.  

All of the china paints offered for sale on this site must be kiln fired to fuse the paint into the porcelain glaze. Mix with your preferred paint mixing medium to desired paint consistency.  Always wear a dust mask while mixing your loose china paint powder.

Ships USPS Priority Mail. Please keep in mind that several vials of paint and other supplies can ship together for the same price as one item. I only offer the supplies that I actually use as a porcelain artist. 

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