Raised Paste Base for Any Gold White Enamel For Scrolls Accents China Painting

Pure white relief enamel powder. Beautiful used by itself but also a reliable base that can be covered with any gold for scrolls and raised accents. Generous 2 dram vial.

I mix this base powder with my closed painting medium to the desired consistency and apply with a brush.  I usually allow it to set up for a few hours before firing. Can be fired anywhere between cone 018 and cone 016.  The hotter you fire the more translucent it becomes.  Can also be tinted with powdered china paints. Cover with any gold (roman or liquid bright) after firing the base.

Using too much medium will cause your raised work to flatten. Not enough medium and your raised work can become sharp after firing which could cut your skin. I have never had any problems with this product popping off the china after firing.

All of the china paints offered for sale on this site must be kiln fired to fuse the paint into the porcelain glaze. Mix with your preferred paint mixing medium to desired paint consistency.  Always wear a dust mask while mixing your loose china paint powder.

Ships USPS Priority Mail. Please keep in mind that several vials of paint and other supplies can ship together for the same price as one item. I only offer the supplies that I actually use as a porcelain artist.  

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