Rose Painting Brushes Set of 3 China Painter Porcelain Art Supplies Filbert

My personal favorites I use these artist brushes to paint roses, hydrangeas, grapes, berries and so much more. Excellent quality china painting brushes. One of each sizes #0, #2, and #4 synthetic/squirrel blend filberts. 

These are the brushes I use most in my work as a porcelain artist and teacher. Chosen for their performance and durability.  They will last for years if cared for properly.

Often times beginner painters will start out with hand me down paints and brushes that might be decades old.  A damaged used brush can make learning impossible. All of the paints and brushes I sell are brand new, fresh, and clean. They are the same ones I use as a porcelain artist. Start out with great supplies and make it easier on yourself.

Ships USPS Priority Mail. Please keep in mind that brushes, several vials of paint and other supplies can ship together for the same price as one item. I only offer the supplies that I actually use as a porcelain artist.  

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