Fuschia Rose China Porcelain Vanity Tray Hand Painted Ruby Pink Roses

Bursting with bright pink roses, I think you will really enjoy this porcelain rectangular tray I hand painted and fired with a trio of ruby roses.  It measures 10 5/8" by 4 3/4" and about 3/8" high with a flat back.

Perfect to hold cosmetics, catch the mail, or serve canapés. I have one by my kitchen sink that I use to hold a sponge, dishsoap, and veggie scrubber.  Beautiful and durable it is dishwasher and microwave safe.  Functional art that is meant to be used.

Kiln fired multiple times for a permanent and durable finish at over 1400°F. Artist signed original All of my pieces are hand painted with absolutely no decals or transfers.

Notify me when this beauty is back in stock! I can paint a similar one for you!

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